Who is Brendon Yong Weng Siang ?

Brendon Yong Weng Siang is Malaysian Self-Made Millionaire, educator, Finance market expert, Philanthropy and Entrepreneur

Brendon Yong Weng Siang 21 year old certified as aircraft pilot because that time too many pilot in the market and no aircraft company willing to hired him as junior pilot. So he started to look for more option to earn his living.

So he manage to go into financial market FOREX after year of learning how to trade FOREX by age 23 he made his 1st million through FOREX trading and become one of the best trader in the company

Started His Company Big Brain Bank

After learning from the previous company, Brendon Yong weng siang got better idea how to serve better in the forex market.

so he started his company Big Brain Bank a financial platform that not only allow you to trade but education how to trade better in FOREX market.

Because of creative way to build a company within a year his company already well know by everyone in the market and more people benefit from his platform.

Receive Pahang Royal Malaysian honours title

Because he like to help the weak and sponsor a lot to NGO. with all his act get the attention of the Royal Family.

So at Age of 24, The Sultan of PAHANG nominate him as DATO as he work hard and give back to the society.

His one of the youngest who got awarded as DATO on that year of 2015

until today he has not forget earn more the public and give back to the public as his policy in the company